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Terms and Conditions


1. These terms and Conditions are binding once you have instructed amwebdesign to design and/or maintain a website. When you order a website, you automatically agree to the terms and conditions.

2. The words 'we'  and 'us' will be used throughout these terms and conditions to denote amwebdesign. The terms 'you' and 'client' will be used throughout these terms and conditions to denote the person or organisation that places the order for a website to be designed and/or maintained.

3. We do not charge per hour for website design work and maintenance. Instead we charge for an agreed project or amendment. This means you know how much a project will cost before committing yourself. If we take longer than our estimated hours to fulfill a project, then we are the losers, not you. However, should you change your requirements  frequently during a project we will warn you by email, that the cost will rise to take care of the extra work entailed.

4. If you want a Facebook and/or Twitter link on your website, you will be entirely responsible for setting up the accounts and for the content of any social media. We accept no responsibility for the social media content and maintenance. We accept no responsibility for any problems resulting from the social media links on your website.

5. We will send you invoices for work done by us on your website. Should you default on any payment, your website will be taken down.

6. When we estimate a lead time for producing your website, we assume that you will supply information and pictures promptly. Delays in providing information and pictures will extend the lead time. We cannot accept liability for delays caused by problems outside our control such as domain name registration problems or hosting problems. However, we will do our utmost to get the problems resolved.

7. We will rely on you sending the information and pictures piecemeal. Do not wait until you have everything ready.

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8. When the registration and hosting is confirmed by Bargain Host, you will receive an email from Bargain Host giving the FTP details. You must forward the email to us immediately so that we can upload a holding page. This temporary page will simply state the purpose of the site, and it will declare that it is still under construction.

9. If WE register the site and reserve hosting on your behalf, we will invoice you for this. You may be asked to pay the fee in advance. You will also need to send us sufficient information so that the site is registered in your name. We will let you know what details to send us.

10. Note that you will be the owner of the website. You will be entirely responsible for renewing the domain name and hosting fees. Make a note of the renewal date and watch carefully for the reminder email from the host. If you fail to renew on time the registrar and host will take down your site and cancel your registration.

11. Your website will be a cooperative process between you and amwebdesign. We do the technical part and you supply the content. However, we will provide all the help you need so that you can submit the best possible information and pictures. We provide personal advice at every stage. 

12. To preserve the quality and integrity of our web sites we will reject web content that is defamatory, obscene and/or untrue. Also we reserve the right to turn down an order if your requirements conflict with our high standards of website design. 

13. If we fail to detect defamatory, exaggerated or untrue content in the text that you submit to us for your pages, you agree that we will not be liable for any legal action that arises from the content.

14. You will be solely responsible for  ensuring that any images or other content that you provide are free from copyright restrictions. Always ask for permission to use an image or copyrighted content. If the copyright is granted subject to the inclusion of the source, be sure to provide us with the source details. You agree that we will not be liable for any legal action taken as a result of you providing us copyright content without permission.

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