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Low Cost: We are able to create websites at affordable prices because we are professionals who work from home, we have no offices to pay for and therefore no overheads. Also we only accept orders from UK clients. By deliberately remaining small we are exempted from paying VAT, therefore our prices are free of VAT. We are a non-profit firm with no shareholders and no directors. We can therefore provide websites at minimum cost. Every penny we earn is paid directly to the members of the team who produced your website.

You have complete control: We always follow your instructions, we never amend or update a site unless you instruct us. However, if you should instruct us to do something that will be detrimental to the site or your organisation, we will suggest alternatives that would achieve your aims, yet maintain the quality of the site.

Lead times: We promise about 1 to 2 weeks, but this lead time cannot be met if you fail to provide the pictures and information promptly.

Site maintenance/updating: We do not charge an annual maintenance fee. We can update you site pages promptly at any time for very little cost.
We can update your site the same day that we receive your instructions (via email with any attached pictures). If we receive your emailed update instructions late in the evening, the update will take place the following morning.
Quality and Expertise: We specialise in stylish gimmick-free no-nonsense websites that bring results. We are experts in the HTML5, PHP and CSS web design languages. We don't have to resort to amatuer paint-by-numbers kits like WordPress, Moonfruit, Google Webdesign or Joomla (called Content Management Systems, CMS for short). Sadly, CMS kits have resulted in millions of dreadful websites produce by untrained people.

CMS kits enable anyone to create a website of sorts, but they don't teach the most important things, e.g.,(i) how to focus the visitor's attention on the most essential items (ii) determining your target audience (iii) what constitutes good design (iv) search engine optimisation, and (v) how to help the visitor find information quickly.

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CMS pages load very slowly because they are packed full of JavaScript code that compensates for the "designer's" lack of knowledge of the web languages HTML, PHP and CSS. CMS websites load slowly because they contain 6 to 10 times more code than an equivalent professionally coded site.

You could create websites with CMS kits;
anybody can, a child can, but why risk producing an amateurish website that will have a negative affect on  your organisation? Sadly, when untrained people produce a CMS website they are ignorant of its faults simply because they have no training in the essentials of good web design.

Our additional Skills:
We use HTML, PHP and CSS code together with our own templates. The web pages are kept short and focussed so that your visitors can find information quickly and easily. CMS sites created by unskilled persons are easily recognised; they usually have very long bewildering pages.

We understand the psychology of web viewing, i.e.,
(i) what users look for and why,
(i) what repels them or attracts them,
(iii) what persuades them to stay with your website rather than flitting from one site to another.

The main designer and founder, Adrian West, has an arts degree, taught oil painting and spent many years in design work. For 15 years, he has been a teacher of IT skills and web design, and has published web design manuals.

Our team tests each website in all the main browsers and we ensure that your site will look good on any screen size. These test are made on Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Android phones and tablets as well as iPhones, iPads and Apple Mac desktops.

SEO: Our Search Engine Optimisation skill mean that our sites appear on the very early pages of search results. Many of our sites are on the first page of search results and some are at the top of the first page.

CMS sites normally have unfriendly JavaScript dropdown menus that hide the navigation links. Search engines do not read JavaScript, therefore they cannot penetrate past the home page of a CMS site.

SPAM: To prevent spam-spiders from discovering your email address, we always encode the address so that it is invisible to spammers. Alternatively, we can provide a feedback page that also defeats spammers.

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