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Considering a Website? — What to do Next


If you would like to discuss a possible website with no obligation whatsoever, follow these steps:

Click the Contact Us button on the menu then:

1. Let us know whether you are close enough to visit us in Colyton, Devon, If you live in East Devon or West Dorset, we can arrange a free no-obligation meeting to discuss your requirements.

2. If you prefer it, we can communicate closely with you by email to discuss your requirement with no obligation whatsoever. This has worked successfully with clients in Cornwall, Cheshire, Wales and Coventry; so distance is no obstacle.

3. Let us know the purpose of your website, for instance, is it for a shop, a personal site, an information site, a society or club, a political site, a town site, etc.

4. You might wish to let us know which style and colour you are interested in. See the Examples and also the Available range.

5. At this stage you are not committing yourself to anything, However, you will be helping us to give you the best advice.

6. We prefer to register the domain name and reserve hosting space on your behalf. We use Bargain Host which is currently the best value for money and it offers the most features.
You will be in complete control of the content and maintenance of your website. You simply instruct us by email and we will implement your instructions.

However, we can provide free advice and guidance at any time during the design of the website; this will ensure that you  submit the best possible information and pictures.

We may suggest some suitable domain names for your site. You can then choose a name from our list of suggestions.

Your website will be a cooperative process between you and AM Web Design.

We can amend your website quickly and easily as often as you wish during the production stage, and also when the website is finished.

Remember that a website is not like a book or a brochure. A website usually starts off as a draft design which is then updated and amended as the site develops. In contrast, printed items must be perfect before they are sent to the press.

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