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Website Design — Prices

When you choose a web design style from our 'Examples' page:
A one page site £40.
Additional pages will cost between £25 and £5 depending on size and complexity.
Each page should deal with one topic only, e.g., a home page, an 'About us' page, a 'Products' page, etc.
We will help you choose suitable pages for your site.
You may mix and match styles and colours to suit your organisation.
The styles include two pictures per page, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), and a visitor counter on the home page
If you require a style that is not in our range, we will provide an estimate of the cost and lead time.

The lead time may be as little as 2 weeks if you provide the pictures and information promptly.
Important: The design cost does not include the registration fee for your domain name, nor does it include the hosting fee. These are outside our control. We can register a domain name for you and then reserve your hosting space. For this you may be invoiced separately.

Or you can undertake these tasks yourself; we will provide full instructions and also recommend the most reasonably priced solution.

If we register the site and reserve hosting on your behalf, we may ask you to send us the fee in advance. Currently for our preferred host, the costs for renewing the domain name and hosting for two years are now; £23.98 inc VAT and £90 inc VAT

Domain names: We can help you choose the most suitable domain name for your organisation and also the most suitable suffix, i.e.,, or .uk, or .org, or (the suffix .com is for American companies and should only be chosen if you intend to operate world wide; also the .com suffix is more expensive.)

Website maintenance/updating:

Economical updates.
We do not charge an annual maintenance fee.
We can update your site on the same day that we receive your instructions (via email with any attached pictures).
If we receive your emailed update instructions late in the evening, the update will take place the following morning.

Terms and conditions:
These terms and Conditions are binding once you have instructed amwebdesign to design and/or maintain a website.
When you order a website, you automatically agree to the terms and conditions.
We always follow the instructions of the website's owner, we never amend or update a site unless the owner instructs us.
If the owner should instruct us to do something that will be offensive or detrimental to the site, we will discus this with the owner.
We will suggest alternatives that would achieve the owner's aims, yet maintain the quality and security of the site.
We reserve the right to refuse or edit any update requests that do not meet our standards.

Update Prices:

Change a picture or add a picture £3.
Minor textual changes £1 to £2.
Additional pages between £5 and £20.
A new paragraph £1 to £4 depending on size of paragraph.
A simple 'Contact Us' page with clickable encoded email address.
A "Contact Us" form for feedback £20.
A four picture slide show £16
Facebook and Twitter links £2 each
Embed a YouTube Video £3

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